’Russians have voting machines Florida hacked’

96c792bc80071f16a42316910aaffc58 - ’Russians have voting machines Florida hacked’

TAMPA – ,,Russian hackers are some of the electoral systems in Florida invaded and voters prior to the election in november to remove if the systems are not sufficiently protected”. That says the Democratic senator Bill Nelson of Florida against the newspaper Tampa Bay Times.

Nelson and Republican senator Marco Rubio wrote a letter last month about potential threats to the regional supervisors in the elections of the state. ,,We got from the chairman of the inlichtingencommissie of the senate the request to the regulators in Florida to let them know that the Russians in their system, said Nelson.

But the department that oversees the elections, denies that it has received information to the suspicion of infiltration to rods.

Nelson is a candidate for the Democrats for his re-election. Opponent of the Republicans in the mid-term losses in november is Rick Scott, now governor of Florida.

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