Radio station NRJ from september 3, in the air, with a young team

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The new hitzender NRJ is from september 3, to listen. In Antwerp were today the eleven presenters proposed, six young talents were selected after a talent show.

“For the first time since the start of Nostalgia – exactly 10 years ago – there is a new national radio station in Flanders,” says Tom Klerkx, director of Nostalgia and NRJ. The new station will start from 20 August with a kick-off campaign and goes on 3 september in the ether. The uitzendstudio’s in the “media house” building in Antwerp are still under construction.

NRJ Vlaanderen is half in the hands of “media house”, and for the other half of The Pond Media. There will be an operational cooperation with the “media house”, channel Nostalgia, which is from the same building emits. The Flemish interpretation of NJC, the originally French radio station that grew into the largest commercial radio company in Europe, is, according to Klerkx completely independent. “We have license to use the NJC-name to use, but the content we fill everything in.”

NRJ will – in addition to online and digitally – to be received at stadsfrequenties in the whole of Flanders. “With that, we reach 70 percent of Flanders,” says Kristof Demasure of The Pond Media. A national frequency, to anywhere in Flanders picked up to can be, could NJC not get. “However, we continue to the requesting party, if, in the future release.”

The transmitter will be plenty of bets on the last big hits: 70 percent of the music on NRJ will not be older than five years. There will also be live showcases to be organised, in which “big names” from the world of music are promised. The presenters come from the target audience: young, active twenty-somethings living in the city. Six of the eleven presenters were selected at a talent show in June, where 250 people for registered.

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