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Oscars awards popular film separately

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There will be a new category at the Oscars: ‘exceptional performance in the popular film’. Thus, the intention of the Academy to the Oscaravond also an evening for the general public.

The Oscars are major changes. There will be a new category for ” exceptional performance in the popular film’, as it was announced by the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences (AMPAS), that every year the Oscars awards. Films nominated in that kaskrakercategorie can still also be nominated in the main category, best film.

Thus, the intention of the Academy to the Oscaravond also an evening for the general public. In a little further past were mega hits as ‘Titanic’ and ‘Gladiator’ almost automatically with the main prize to go with. But the past years it went to acclaimed films that have previously scored in arthousecinema than in multiplexes, such as ‘Moonlight’, ‘Spotlight’ and ‘The shape of water’.

The past few years, was there ever criticism. It was argued that all of the nominees for best film are added the same number of visitors came to watch as the ‘Star Wars’movie of that year alone. If you look at it, was the last Oscar-edition the least popular since 2011, with the nominees as ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Call me by your name’ that the praise received in the reviews but not huge blockbusters.

‘Expression of despair’

It is not the first time that the Oscars widening search. That happened in 2008, when the protest was because the beloved superheldenfilm ‘The dark knight’ was not nominated. The Academy responded by the list of nominees expand from five to a maximum of ten, so there is also place of popular movies such as ‘Avatar’ and ‘Mad Max: Fury road’.

But is it a good idea to use popular films to celebrate in a separate category? Filmblad Variety calls it “a sign of desperation”. The reports, moreover, that many members of the Academy loud protest. You can also expect that there is now even less chance for popular movies to win the top prize. Many of the members will reason that if they, say, ‘Black panther’, however, nominate for the popular category, they do not even have to nominate for the category ‘best film’.

One of the reasons for the renewal is that the Oscarshow year after year of declining ratings. The hopes as to the wide audience more to bind. Therefore, it promises also to the show from now on to limit it to a total of three hours. The last show lasted nearly four.

In addition, the slide, the Academy is the show from 2020 to for on the calendar, from 23 February to 9 February.

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