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Maerki Baumann Bank, a leading crypto-currencies

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In Switzerland, the second private Bank opens with Maerki Baumann now its doors for Kyptowährungen. The Board wants to prevent more investors migrate to the competition in the nearby Principality of Liechtenstein entstein.

In the case of the Swiss banks, the fear that it could come as a result of trade with crypto currencies frequently to money laundering and other law fractures is still. That’s why the majority of Swiss banks to deny their customers the to trade. There is, however, a slight loosening of the restrictive cryptographic policies of the banks. Falcon Private Bank has made a year ago, the beginning. Now, the private Bank Maerki Baumann, Zurich announced that it will invest the assets invested in crypto-currencies.

Consultants should exclude money laundering

The news portal reported by internal discussions within the Executive Committee of the private Bank, in order to position itself to the outside clear. Managing Director Stephan Zwahlen was known to have discussed the topic a few months ago and had come to the conclusion that they wanted to show, in principle, for such plants open. In order to comply with the statutory provisions, but is intended to be the origin of such funds in the run-up to clarify. It advises its own clients, specialist consultants. This is to clarify the backgrounds of the assets and in this regard, a written Report. Legally would have seen the private Bank, most of no liability. They wanted to wear with the new openness to the needs of the customer invoice, it said.

Maerki Baumann refers to value development of crypto-currencies as a “roller coaster ride

In mid-July, the private Bank has warned its customers against such systems in a detailed basis article. The price development of Bitcoin & co. is like a “roller coaster ride“. The price fluctuations would have nothing to do with the usual factors that affect the exchange rates of the classic currencies, making it difficult to assess. Much depends on the usefulness of a crypto-currency and the increasing regulation of various States.

This applies in particular for the value of tokens of the increasingly popular funding model for the ICO. Although Maerki Baumann emphasized his openness to support customers in such investment instruments. In a post on the company’s website, the private Bank, but it does mean that you should make in the nearest time, no major investments. “Only people who are aware of the risks associated with these investment instruments, aware, should invest a limited portion of its available assets”. Rather, you should wait until countries across clarified the legal position “of crypto-currencies and Token from” an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) finally.

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