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Lewis Hamilton criticism after opruimactie of plastics in the sea

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Lewis Hamilton may be on vacation but still spent a few hours of his holiday to the clean-up of waste. The world champion wants, the problem of plastic waste in the oceans at the challenge, but was also quite a bit of criticism.

After the GP of Hungary drew Lewis Hamilton with a couple of friends to the Greek Mykonos and during a trip outside the beaten paths took the company a wasteland of washed up plastic.

They decided the hands from the sleeves, and the quantity on the clean up and the quadruple world champion posted a video on Instagram. That way, he hopes the impact that plastic has on the environment.

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A message shared by Lewis Hamilton (@lewishamilton) on 7 Aug 2018 at 7:05 (PDT)

“Today I am in one of the many beautiful places in the world while we are in this mess are beaten,” said Hamilton. “We could not along the wayside, we had to do something…”

Hamilton also calls for all companies that are only out to profit by working with plastic and polystyrène materials to boycott.

“I want you to just show what an impact you have on the environment by plastic to buy and throwing it away. So it comes here and it is disgusting. What you buy, so ultimately ended up in the sea. Think about it. When we arrived, was littered with plastic bottles.”

“We must do something, we need to stop to companies to support the only of its profit and at the expense of our beautiful planet,” concludes Hamilton.

The Brit had a lot of credit lot of positive comments on his post, but there were also posts with some more critical questions. Some wondered whether the sponsors of Hamilton, such as Puma, L’oreal or Sony so pure to the bone, and summoning him on to the ties with these companies to cut.

“You mean companies like L’oréal, Sony, or Puma? In place of the rest of the world with the finger to the point you would have to do more than criticism of the people who worry that there is money in your pockets disappears,” was one of the many responses.

Someone else responded yet gevatter: “Give you so much? Cut the ties with the companies. That is only a statement that you make, until then you are only a hypocritical sycofant”.

What there may be, we will all do our bit to contribute. Lewis is already started …

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