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Kamasi Washington: dagdromer with a message

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“We love this kind of weather,” said Kamasi Washington, when the rain suddenly at baking fell from the sky on Jazz Middelheim. It must be said, had something poetic when the saxophonist here all alone played, accompanied only by the sound of raindrops on the awning.

But for the rest was that rain is not audible, for Washington and his bandmates play more than loud enough. A lot of jazz, yes, especially if Kamasi his sax to the lips: you’ll hear traces of John Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders. But also a lot of soul and funk, such as in ‘Abraham’, a track from bassist Miles Mosley, which is the (very well stocked) tent excited to the move.

From his first album, The epic, played Washington ‘The rhythm changes’, with Patrice Quinn in the lead role. The frail singer deserves more than one plume because they are easily the role of the many-headed choir from Washingtons cds takes over.

Who was there at the end of may in La Madeleine (Brussels), will perhaps be slightly disappointed. Because the rest of the Middelheim concert was also there to hear. Sometimes even with the same message. As at the beginning of ‘the Truth’, that impressive piece from the ep is Harmony in difference. “Diversity is not something we should tolerate, but cherish’, repeated to Washington, which itself also now has a ‘dagdromer’ called.

And then there was ‘Space travellers ‘ lullaby’, with the excellent work of the new keyboard player, Ruslan Sirota. And as a final event ‘Fists of fury’, a song from a Kung Fu movie with Bruce Lee, with a combative text that is today re up to date. And with a strong riff, the audience for more questions had. Unfortunately: for a bisnummer was no more time.

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