Hash with value of 200 million intercepted

68fcbd05975c129d17495a4eb80f8d56 - Hash with value of 200 million intercepted

ROME – The Italian police has two fuel tanks of a vessel of more than 20 tonnes of hashish with a street value of 150 to 200 million euros found. The eleven passengers, all from Montenegro, have been detained on suspicion of drug smuggling.

The under the flag of Panama sailing Remus was of the Canary Islands departed with destination Egypt, and Turkey. During the tour, pulled the ship to the attention of the Italian authorities because of the multiple times of course changed.

With the consent of the authorities in Panama made the Italian police, master of the ship, and she brought the Remus to the port of Palermo. In the port the police found 650 jute bags containing more than 20 tonnes of hashish.

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