Grant Gustin denounces ‘body shaming’

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The star of The Flash will find that there is a double standard where men have to accept that people their body can openly criticize.

The star of the tv series, The Flash, Grant Gustin, has spoken out about a leaked photo of him in his new costume. Therein seemed the actor is very lean, which the users on social media attacked him on his thin physique.

Gustin told that the photo is not official and that he had no idea that that was taken. He spoke also about the fact that there is a double standard of money for ‘body shaming’ and that he is angry at the fact that people are body may laugh at you.

“This is the thing with that leaked photo,” he said on Instagram. “It’s a cool costume but a terrible picture and I also didn’t know that that was taken, and even published online. There are things being worked on and should be. We’re getting there.”

“And then the body shaming. That makes me angry. Not even only for myself. I am already more than 20 years, told by children and adults that I too thin, am. I had to also learn to accept. But there is a double standard that it is acceptable to talk about the body of a man.”

Also added the actor admits that he himself is thin and that his weight fluctuates due to stress. Also he stabs people and children with the same problem a belt under the heart: “I am happy with my body and with who I am, and other children who have the same physique have should also be able to feel.”

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