Germany let out in computer game far

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BERLIN – computer Games now in Germany also by the leeftijdskeuring if they swastikas or SS characters. The organization, which is the content of the games, check (USK), has stated that they anticonstitutionele symbols before rate.

Just as in movies should be prohibited means of propaganda to be shown if it is in the interest of “art or science” and “the representation of events in the news or the history”. The USK is going to video games will also be approved on “social suitability.”

That type of exception in the criminal code is unconstitutional symbols under certain conditions. What games underneath it will fall, per case basis. So far, the clause is not used. Swastikas, runentekens and related features were in video games, is strictly prohibited. Constitutional stay that way, but will soon be as well as in feature films or television broadcasts of the rule can be departed from.

The famous Wolfenstein series, in which the national socialism and the Second world War to play a central role, was made in Germany only in a censored version – with fantasiesymbool in place of the swastika – on the market.

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