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Garbage free, thanks to the Blockchain – the Philippines want to use the Blockchain in the water protection

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The Philippine authorities intend to use the Blockchain technology in the protection of waters. It is their goal to rid the capital city of Manila-flowing Pasig of plastic waste. To this end, the competent authority of the Philippines’ Pasig River Rehabilitation Council (PRRC) , a partnership with the Blockchain-companies CypherOdin and BOTcoin. Together you will develop a pilot project. The projects succeed, the developers want to take their Knowledge further. The worldwide result is likely to be a candidate of similar projects already in a queue.

The Nile, the Ganges, the Amazon, the Yangtze – the largest rivers of the world are also the ones who suffer the most from pollution. A little-known, a shorter course of water that is full but also for years of plastic garbage, is the Philippine Pasig. A cooperation of the local authorities with the Blockchain-companies CypherOdin and BOTcoin to make the difference, and the capital flow to clean.

The developers of the river and banks want to network directly with the Internet and a continuous water quality, water levels and other for the preservation of the river relevant data to evaluate. In addition, drones will help to make the most of plastic waste contaminated areas. This immediate to derive counter-measures. CypherOdin and BOTcoin-Director Mariano Villa Fuerte describes how to use the technology to help :

“We will collect the data from our Internet-of-Things-stations and evaluate. So we are able to get comprehensive information about where the plastic and the waste-to-come, and, among other things, what are the movement patterns. This allows us to formulate recommendations with a view to release the flow of [the rivers] of waste.“

Rivers as a waste landfill to prevent

In addition to the direct work with the water itself, the project aims to take the originator of the pollution. A comprehensive information campaign to make the inhabitants of the river of consciousness for the environmental pollution. These BOTcoin want to reward the collection of plastic waste with its own crypto currency.

The project is successful, the developers want to take their Knowledge as more and more rivers are free of dirt, explains Villa Fuerte. This is likely to be found, among other projects, on the plastic garbage-ridden Philippines in the world numerous candidates.

Rivers are seen by many people around the world as a quick and easy solution to dispose of your waste. This makes them the main veins of the garbage. Consequently, these lands often freely in the sea and polluted so not only beaches, but the oceans themselves.

More than water protection: sustainability, thanks to the Blockchain

Often as harmful for the environment decried the Blockchain these days, more and more often also in the protection of the environment. As at the beginning of August was proclaimed, promotes the Australian government is currently a Blockchain-project for the sustainable cultivation of sugar. This will safeguard the supply chains of the sugar cane imports in the country and as origin and sustainable production guarantee.

The North-English Football city Liverpool followed, in turn, at present, the ambitious goal of becoming the world’s first climate positive city. In the monitoring and evaluation of carbon emissions should also help the Blockchain technology.

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