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From beach to inland: five geographically responsible festivaltips

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Tourism is always that break that in the first place started, and so we are advocates of travel in their own country. Also for festivals, you don’t have to look far, and this coming weekend there from De Panne to Welkenraedt quite what to do. We match two nostalgic beach parties, a balmy Caribbean evening, an inspired r&b and Disneysoundtracks like you have never before heard.

Sampa The Great

Thursday All Eyes On Hip hop the zaalprogrammatie in itself, and that, in a predominantly Brussels-based poster with Nitrogen, Le 77 and Blu Samu. International duck in the bite is Sampa The Great (not to be confused with British r&b singer Sampha). Sampa Tembo merges poetry, rap, and get so in the footsteps of Lauryn Hill and Mos Def. They shy away from the superlatives do not, and with a voice like hers do not have to.

Lokerse Feesten, Thursday, August 9, 22.30, Redbull Elektropedia Room

CC : Disco

Her childhood played out on an Australian ranch as a soundtrack The Everly Brothers and Queen. Nevertheless, it turned out to be the step of the radio microphone to the turntables a bit small for Courtney Clarke. They gave her her own radio show in Melbourne for an international dj career. It is both well known and obscure disco beads together and take them here and there, a nostalgic zijwegje. Her ultimate dansvloervuller: ‘Everybody wants to rule the world by Tears For Fears.

Wecandance, Saturday, August 11, 19 hours, Klub Dramatik & Kelly Palmer Stage

Jimmy Cliff

Who is old enough to be with the children to the beach of Middelkerke to bags, know Jimmy Cliff mainly of hits, ‘Reggae night’ or ‘I can see clearly now’. The offspring self again, excited to sing along with ‘Hakuna matata’ from The lion king. A little Jamaica and a lot of good vibes, that’s what this reggae pioneer guarantee.

Nostalgie Beach Festival, Saturday, August 11, 21.20 hours

Jazz Loves Disney

We promise: this is the last Disneygerelateerde festivaltip of the year. But you would feel free to a timeless list with the soundtracks of the various cartoons and animated movies by the studio of Mickey Mouse is immortal. The zeventienkoppige The Amazing Key Stone Band from France that, and filled two albums with them. In the middelheim park, they get the help of gaststemmen Selah Sue, Ben l’Oncle Soul, Hugh Coltman, China Moses & Myles Sanko. Recognition for young and old, and an ideal introduction to the magical world of jazz and cartoon.

Jazz Middelheim, Saturday, August 11, 21.30, Main Stage

Daddy Yankee

You don’t know a word of Spanish, to speak or to understand to Daddy Yankee to know. ‘Despacito’ last year, was everywhere – absolutely everywhere – and this weekend in Hoogstraten. Regardless of this, the Puerto Rico-born Daddy Yankee was enough other material to make an hour-long medley to cross – he proved it five years ago at the festival. Just like a heat wave there are still precautions: joints lubrication and enough rum to drink.

Antilliaanse Feesten, Saturday, August 11, 00.45 am, Main Stage

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