Frans Bauer congratulates Top Pops

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The head is off for Top Pops. On Pempkes in Bilzen experienced Evita, Ine, Kelly and Teresa the night – or was it now night? – of their dreams. The foursome lit during their baptism of fire, immediately the fuse on the fire. Praise of Frans Bauer made the evening perfect.

After months of intense preparation, it was showtime: the debut of Top Pops on the Pempkes festival in Bilzen: already a year and a day a brooding place of celebration and fun. The sultry summer weather made the picture complete. Ideal conditions for a celebration, ambiance and top entertainment.
The new Flemish girl group found themselves in good company. On the poster were throbbing names such as Get Ready and Frans Bauer. Something about half 10 was it as far as. Of stress or podiumvrees was absolutely not the case. After a few arrivals was the rhythm increased and then halfway through the show, their debut single, ‘The Night of your Dreams’ by the speakers echoed. The foursome got the people afterwards is also easy on their hands with well-known singalong songs and sultry dance moves. After more than a half hour full of show and spectacle – and a bisnummer – was the sweltering audience clearly opgedweept for the boys to Get Ready.

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