FOUR not happy with Bedgeheimen Linde Merckpoel

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Linde Merckpoel during the Lokerse Feesten, the honor and the pleasure to be with various artists in bed to dive into and them confessions of their married life. The item to view online, as like as two drops of water on the Bedgeheimen of James Cooke. With that item closes Gert Late Night from Tuesday to Thursday. It is just about the most popular item of the programme of Gert Verhulst and James Cooke. More than once knows James Cooke to penetrate into the greatest mysteries of fame. In The Latest News of Thursday, we read that they at FOUR is regrettable that the Lokerse Feesten, the item of James Cooke plagiarized. “A nightcap with…”, the item of Linde Merckpoel, is not really a success. The video with Niels Destadsbader was already a 41,000 views, the movie with Alex Agnew less than 300 times and Bart Peeters must be satisfied with 97 viewers. “It is honorable for James Cooke that his section is greatly appreciated, but it is very a pity that you have not contacted us”,responds to FOUR in The Latest News. Spokesperson Kristof Demasure confirms that the popular section of James Cooke in the fourth season of Gert Late Night. “An item that is often viewed, especially because this bedgeheimen sincere recordings during a stay of a week at Gerts boat. In the run-up to that program meesurfen that success is easy. But we consider this as a compliment, legal steps, we will not undertake.”

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