Forest fires in Algarve less intense

4e92301b766b9e2f7d3265abdfbb0181 - Forest fires in Algarve less intense

LISBON – The devastating forest fire that already a week is raging in the Algarve is on the wane. A spokeswoman for the Portuguese service protection people said that the intensity is decreased and there is “no active vuurfronten” more. That is in addition to the dedication of the more than 1400 firefighters, soldiers and volunteers also due to a change in the weather. The temperature on the south coast dropped significantly, to around 25 degrees.

The fight is however not yet fought. Because there are still several “hot spots” are, can the flame back flare up, especially if the wind increases. Prime minister Antonio Costa warned 24 hours earlier that the days could take the fire under control. The graves of connecting with bulldozers in the night-time hours had success. That work starts Thursday night simply by.

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By the natural fire in the mountainous area around the town of Monchique is according to news agency Lusa for nearly 235 square kilometres with vegetation, including pine trees and eucalyptus trees, black-baked or placed in the shaft. So far, 32 people injured. Most of the victims had smoke inhaled.

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