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EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS IN ATHLETICS. Thiam starts on the hurdles difficult to zevenkamp

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Nafi Thiam begins today on the first day of her son. The 100 meter hurdles, was still not top. Later she gets with the high jump and the chance to make her catch up.

PREVIEW ZEVENKAMP. Thiam makes Brits sound like: “Even our golden girl has no chance”

World champion Nafi Thiam has started on the internet. There are still two young landgenotes at the start: Noor Vidts and Hanne Maudens. Hanne Maudens start with ambition after her handsome sixth place in the prestigious meerkampmeeting of Götzis this year. They are going for a place in the top 10. For Noor Vidts is the wait, they had to Götzis leave with a back injury.

The competition for Thiam can we expect of the German Carolin Schäfer (silver at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS), the Dutch Anouk Vetter (bronze at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS) and britain’s Katerina Johnson-Thompson (European champion indoor in 2015).

First part: 100m hurdles (10u21)

Thiam starts her son laboriously by 13.69 s (1023 points), well above its PR of 13.34 s, and her seizoensbeste of 13.45 s. It brings her on a provisional 14th place. The German Louisa Grauvogel was the fastest of the pack in 12.97 s (1129 points). The other favorites scored better than Thiam. Johnson-Thompson ran up to 13.34 s (1074 points), Schäfer 13.33 (1075 points) and Vetter 13.55 (1043 points)

Hanne Maudens (14.04) and Noor Vidts (14.08) started with a respectively 20th and 21st time in the 100m hurdles. Maudens thus comes close to her personal record that she earlier this year in Götzis (14.00). For Vidts was a best jaarprestatie. Both athletes earn, respectively, 973 and 967 points.

Potential Thiam

Thiam and her entourage dream of ever breaking the world record of the American Jackie Joyner-Kersee to approach. That is at 7291 points.

Thiam holds her current record in 2017 in Götzis. The overview of the performance that they when had, can be found in the first column. In addition, her personal records on each part separately. Four of them settled when they in Götzis, three at another time. Put them today and tomorrow again a step forward?

Second part: high Jump (11u05)

Third part: shot put (19u15)

Fourth part: 200m zevenkamp (20h30)

Fifth part: long Jump (Friday)

Sixth part: Javelin (Friday)

Seventh part: 800m (Friday)

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