Eid loves shrimp boats at home

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The Dutch fishermen’s federation asks his anglers to the next two weeks, no shrimp to catch. ‘Because we do not more processed, ” says Pim Visser of industry organisation VisNed. ‘The feast of sacrifice is coming on August 22, and then the pelfabrieken in Morocco silent for a while. If the fishermen continue to argue, everything in the freezer, and there is nobody.’

It is still in Morocco that cheap labour in the shrimp peeling. About 90 percent of all supplies going by truck to the giant pelfabrieken there and back.

“Now something must happen,” says Visser. “There is a very large offer, and that the prize has been substantially lowered. We must ensure that the price totally collapses.’ For a kilo of peeled shrimp, you will pay at this time about 50 euro. ‘That is cheap if you compare with the previous years, when the price was often over 100 euros per kilo was, ” says Charles Devinck of the Flemish Federation of Vishandelaars.

The Dutch fishermen are not obliged to the call to follow. And the Flemish? That fish less than one percent of the total annual garnalenvangst on, so what they do, doesn’t mean much for the market.

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