Disney used to script James Gunn for the new “Guardians of The Galaxy”

8cfedd7fd8adb87a8a4cca37eda06956 - Disney used to script James Gunn for the new "Guardians of The Galaxy"

Disney for the new film, “Guardians of The Galaxy” to use the script of the dismissed director James Gunn. That writes on the basis of The Hollywood Reporter.

Gunn would, according to The Hollywood Reporter, despite its dismissal by several studios and producers are asked with them into the sea to go. The article said the magazine’s twelve senior people who work in the film industry, all of which remain anonymous because the director is not officially with other parties is allowed to talk before his dismissal from Disney, has been completed.

Gunn has a lot of support from Hollywood since he is the avenue was sent because of tweets that he between 2008 and 2011 sent. The cast of the “Guardians of The Galaxy”movies let us know not to have an understanding of the decision of the studio. Actor David Bautista said earlier this week that he is out of the franchise get as the script of Gunn is not to be used for the third part of the series.

Gunn wrote and directed the first two “Guardians”movies. That gave Disney 773 and 863 million dollars.

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