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Club player Limbombe adorns still transfer, but risk a hefty claim for damages

Huddersfield Town has not become, but Anthony Limbombe is on the way to the exit. The linkerflankspeler from Club Brugge pulls to the French Nantes, which 7.8 million euros has to pay to Club Brugge.

The transfer comes after Limbombe recently changed your broker. The player had his interests represented by the English Base Soccer, that a transfer to the Premier League had to accomplish. Limbombe seemed on the way to Huddersfield, but additional requirements did the deal bounces. Then switched Limbombe Mogi Bayat in and that pushes the the flankspeler now heading to Ligue 1, where he’s home in Nantes. Limbombe, however, had an exclusivity contract with Base Soccer, swipe there, now, square his feet, and it still seems a hefty claim to expect.

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