Children were trained to kill?

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Some of the emaciated children in a compound in New Mexico are adhered to, there would be, according to the prosecutors are trained to mass murder in schools to commit. The lawyer of the main suspect sows doubt on that thesis.

The two men and three women who, together with eleven children since 2016 lived together in a trailerkamp in the U.s. state of New Mexico, taught some of the kids weapons to schools to attack …

The two men and three women who, together with eleven children since 2016 lived together in a trailerkamp in the U.s. state of New Mexico, taught some of the kids weapons to schools to attack. That is stated in documents that the prosecutors on Wednesday presented to require that the five behind bars remain.

The police attacked last week Friday inside the camp and found the company in trailers and partly in the ground were buried. The children, between 1 and 15 years, were emaciated and dressed in rags (DS 7 August)

“One of the eleven children revealed against a foster parent, with whom the child was placed, that the accused him trained in the use of a medium tank in preparation for a shooting in a school, to as many people as possible to kill’, according to the prosecutors about Luke Morton. At the end of the grounds found officers a shooting range.

The three women transported children across state borders so that they may extensive weapons training would be given to acts of violence to commit’. To Siraj Ibn Wahhaj behind bars to keep, the prosecutors: “He represents a significant danger for the children that we encountered on the domain and a threat to the community as a whole, by the presence of firearms and his plan to bring those weapons in a violent way.”


The 39-year-old Siraj Ibn Wahhaj is regarded as the prime suspect. He kidnapped late last year in the state of Georgia, his son Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, a brain disease suffered. According to his wife, which the police had stepped to the disappearance to report, had Siraj Ibn Wahhaj said that the child of the devil, was possessed and an exorcism was needed.

The search for three-year-old child led last week to the raid in the remote trailerkamp. Tuesday, met detectives in the compound and the remains of a child – it’s probably going to be the kidnapped boy. Some of the rescued children told the police that the boy died in the trailerkamp and there was buried.

‘Muslim extremists’

The sheriff of Taos County had during the weekend said that the suspects ‘muslim extremists’ were, without going into detail. Siraj Ibn Wahhaj is the son of an imam from Brooklyn. During the investigation into the bombings at the World Trade Center in 1993 was provided by a federal prosecutor along with 170 others listed as a possible medesamenzweerder, but never been charged.

Not positive about islam

The father of Luke Morton attended Wednesday’s hearing in the court in the town of Taos. He is the grandfather of four of the children. According to him came the men and women went to New Mexico to their faith, to confess and to live a better life, writes the Albuquerque Journal. They felt that American society – especially under president Donald Trump – islam does not accept and by no means has a positive attitude towards muslims’. He said that the weapons only had to defend.

The lawyer of Siraj Ibn Wahhaj combats the contention of the plaintiffs. Except the one statement of a foster parent is there, according to him, nothing that indicates that the children were trained to commit attacks in schools. The five are suspected of child abuse, but maintain that they are innocent.

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