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Car burns out during the 24 Hours of Zolder

dcbb97c106a03edaf7211140b4fde6f7 - Car burns out during the 24 Hours of Zolder

The Radical RS5 Oracle Cars TSL is Thursday night in fire, flown during the 24 Hours of Zolder. The car got heavily damaged and a further participation in the race seems very questionable for the team. Team owner Eric Wouters responds very disappointed on

“This is very unfortunate”, sigh, team owner Wouters. “Everything worked perfectly until today and then we genekt by something. There was no great defect, but a fitting of maybe five euro that separation. This was leaking oil on the hot engine and the exhaust. It sounds strange, but it actually does make extra acid. I would have preferred that the power source is defective, that we really had something to point to. This nobody could have foreseen.”

Wouters was, at the time of the fire itself on the wheel. He was in control to the medical item disposed of, but it was completely declared healthy. He noticed the fire on a ginormous way and against that he the pit was done, was the car already in flames. They tried to extinguish the fire, but the car was not able to save.

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