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Brazilian presidential candidate Amoêdo: Bitcoin could become legal tender

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According to the presidential candidate João Amoêdo Bitcoin could be in Brazil soon to be a legal means of payment. From the legal side nothing standing in the way. In addition, the Blockchain could help to improve the corruption groaning public administration of the country. This is the candidate of the New party (Partido Novo) recently declared to the Brazilian industry service Bitcoin Portal. In October, Brazil will elect a new President, however, the election campaign is in full swing. Although the country is currently many in a period of change in relation to the old structures of nepotism and great opportunities are not to give the relatively unknown candidate yet.

In the largest country in South America, trading crypto is a the currencies currently in Vogue. This will benefit a presidential candidate João Amoêdo the Partido Novo in his election campaign. In an Interview with the domestic industry-service Portal do Bitcoin, he stresses, Bitcoin could be used without Hesitation as a legal means of payment.

“I have no doubt that Bitcoin can be used as a legal payment method. If both parties want to exchange a product about Bitcoin, I see no legal obstacles for it,“

so Amoêdo. A threat to the traditional banking system he can’t see in crypto-currencies. Rather, it would have great advantages, consumers with an alternative means of payment. Nevertheless, it should be clear that Brazil had its own currency, the Real, he explains in the Interview.

Similar to open-the economy is liberal 55-Year-old opposite regulation of come efforts and the release of new crypto-currencies, the so-called ICOs. Here it is necessary to create basic guidelines for safety. Nevertheless, the growing potentials are not likely to be crushed.

“It is most important to ensure an institutional framework that creates more certainty for investors, businesses and even policy makers. I think it is premature to define strict rules“,

he outlines his stance in the face of possible market restrictions in the crypto sector.

The Blockchain is the key technology for the public administration

Optimism Amoêdo proves also in the area of General Blockchain application in the Brazilian state of being. He sees in addition to the use for the control of supply chains of large application possibilities for the public administration. Here is the Blockchain technology could strengthen the trust of citizens and lead to more integrity.

“If we look over the edge of the plate, what a Registrar is, without public trust? In this sense, the Blockchain could solve problems such as real estate registration, document authentication,signature recognition,“

the Ex-Bank advisers is to sure. Possible fields of application, he can see also in the area of digital identities, and elections.

Brazil in transition

That such investment in the trust of the citizens seem to be becoming more and more important, shows the view to the currently intense election campaign. Because of the important theme of almost all the candidates fighting the home-made corruption, especially the public administration is groaning for years.

The judiciary and the authorities are currently in the course of the Operation car wash decided against the nepotism in the country. The most prominent victim of the investigation, from 2003 to 2010, acting in the people’s popular Ex-President Lula. Due to allegations of corruption, a twelve-year prison sentence waiting for him at the moment.

Nevertheless, the majority of Brazilians, Lula want currently, as President. Whether the 72-Year-old may be a candidate this year, is still unclear. This opens outsiders new opportunities – especially with a view on the country’s current electoral duty.

The young Partido Novo, and your candidate Amoêdo be granted in the vanishingly small prospects. According to surveys, the rights of Jair Bolsonaro (15 per cent) is currently in second place, followed by the Green Maria Silva (seven per cent). In addition, Amoêdos party currently holds no parliamentary seats.

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