Brad Pitt says millions in child support to be paid

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American actor Brad Pitt, denies that he and actress Angelina Jolie in the past year and a half has no money to pay for the care of their children. According to Jolie has her husband, since the two together are gone, there is no “meaningful maintenance” paid for the six children. Who says now millions paid to his ex.

Pitt’s lawyer, Lance Spiegel sets by CNN obtained documents that the actor 8 million dollars (6.9 million euros) to Jolie borrowed for the purchase of her current house. In addition, paid the 54-year-old actor 1.3 million dollar accounts for Jolie and the children.

According to lawyer Mirror are the legal steps of Jolie “is the obvious tactic for the media to manipulate and to her hand”.

‘Brangelina’ went in september 2016 from each other, but the two are still not separated. The 43-year-old actress is the scheidingszaak now take a very long time and decided Tuesday to court.

Jolie’s lawyer, Samantha Bley DeJean said in a statement that the payment of maintenance would be a problem for Pitt. Jolie and her lawyer suggest to the court, so that financial matters can be discussed.

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