Boris Johnson for disciplinary committee after the controversial burqa-statements

Ex-minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson must be due to controversial statements about the wearing of a burqa to answer to the disciplinary committee of the British Conservative Party. That report various media on Thursday, invoking partijkringen. In the worst case, risking his group to be put, or even out of the party.

Johnson gets all-day baking criticism on him, because he was Monday in his weekly column for The Telegraph women with full lichaamsbedekking mockingly had compared to ‘bank robbers’ and ‘mailboxes’. He is accused of advocacy against the muslims in the favor of the right-conservative voters.

Even prime minister Theresa May had joined the demand for an apology connected. “I think we carefully need to deal with our language regime and concepts,” said May. Also other partijcollega of Johnson were critical of his choice of words. Allegedly is Johnson not going to be excused.

Johnson had in July, after a quarrel about the Brexit plans May have resigned. The former advocate of the Brexit campaign would ambitions have for the function of premier. According to a survey among Tory supporters from the beginning of August, he is the favourite for premier May follow. That is a vain hope if he is out of the group.

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