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Block chance Conference: Blockchain-Talk in the Hamburg harbour city

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24. and 25. August will be held in Hamburg’s HafenCity, the block chance Conference. They want to offer to the members of the German and European crypto scene is a possibility, Knowledge and experience to the field of Blockchain and crypto-currencies to exchange. The event is aimed at beginners who would like to like to put apart a closer look at the Blockchain-technology and more about economic, and technical backgrounds want to learn.

Under the Motto “The future of the Economy” wants to bump the block chance Conference in Hamburg in the subject block of the Blockchain and crypto-currencies. This network provides in the event a mixture of expert presentations, panel discussions, exhibitors, and the opportunity to. The aim of the event was to exchange Knowledge and experience and to gain deeper insights and knowledge on the subject.

An Event for beginners and enthusiasts

The Event is designed as well to interested newcomers as well as experienced crypto-enthusiasts who want to stay on the latest beach. The content is about the impact of the Blockchain technology on economic and social developments in the future. In addition, you want to provide a platform on which successful crypto-entrepreneurs and Visionary new business fields and models agree.

The block chance Conference held at the MLOVE Future City Campus, directly in Hamburg’s HafenCity, which is regarded as an innovative Hub. On the sidelines of the event, the host Networking is offering breaks at the Beach Club. There are Bars and Food Trucks for the biological food. In addition, there will be between all present guests with a Giveaway of Skyminern and vegan coins.

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