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Berings are missing out on dramatic final 100 metres hurdles

Eline Berings has not been able to post for the final of the 100m hurdles. They ran a decent time, so still made a chance to be fished to be with the losing times. But eventually she came 5 thousandths (!) of a second deficit.

After a great start fell Berings halfway through the race, and finished fourth. But her time of 12.94 was not bad, so they still made a chance to be fished to be with the losing times.

In the second series were two of the athletes, the exact 12.94 s. The thousandths had to be decisive. But that turned out in favor of the Polish Koleczek. Berings finally came 5 thousandths short. She shrugs after a great season so still not final.

The 32-year-old Berings ran after years of injuries this season still set a personal record of 12,72.

Semi-final 400m: Bolingo off

Cynthia Bolingo-Mbongo was sixth in the first semi-final. They leave the tournament with 51,92. An approach of the personal record of 51,69 that they yesterday went.

110m hurdles: Michael Obasuyi fished for semi-finals

Michael Obasuyi made it to the semi-finals 110m hordenMichael Obasuyi made it to the semi-finals 110m hurdles

Michael Obasuyi may Friday, then play in the semi-finals of the 110m hurdles at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of athletics in Berlin. The West-Vlaming, on Sunday, his 19th birthday, is on the start list.

Obasuyi was Thursday morning. with a chrono of 13.78 seventh in its series. The first four of the two series and the four fastest losing times went through to the semi-finals. Finally, that the five fastest losing times, which Obasuyi still was revived.

This change may have to do with the absence of Ludovic Payen in Berlin. The Frenchman was among the best twelve in the European rankings this year, which placed directly for the semi-finals. But Payen is not in the French selection.

Friday evening occurs Obasuyi in the first semi-final, in lane 1.

800m Eliott Crestan

Elliott Crestan has Thursday can’t place for the semi-finals of the 800 metres at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of athletics in Berlin. The 19-year-old Crestan was sixth in the fourth series in 1:47.35, the twelfth time of all the participants. Only the first three in each series and the four best losing times qualify for the semi-finals, this Friday night (from 19u32) to be finished.

His personal record in the 800m is 1:46.84. That ran Crestan last month in the Finnish Tampere. The young man graduated in July bronze at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS for juniors.

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