Bake Off Flanders change the formula

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Early september start of Bake Off Flanders again, and the creators continue to the well-known formula true. That is no coincidence. “There is nothing changed to the format, because we are not allowed to deviate from the original format,” says Wim Opbrouck Thursday in the Mediahuiskranten. “There will every time even a Brit along, Duncan Cooper, to see whether we are on the quality standard. How kitchen islands, the colors and details… that is exactly described. Who Bake Off viewing in South Africa, or Israel will see an exact copy of what we do.” It is striking that Opbrouck itself a production company, Three Kings, has established for this series. Other programs are in the pipeline, but more may Opbrouck about this and still not lose it. “That it is in line of what you want from me can expect. Also a fiction about it.”

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