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Armed with IOTA – Dominik Schiener resigned

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According to a leaked discussion among the members of the Board of Directors of the IOTA Foundation, the founders are forced to take an official statement. After one of the founders, Sergey Ivancheglo, the Chairman of the Foundation Dominik Schiener for the resignation was prompted, now seems to be a castle to be peace occurred. While the leadership tries to patch things up together, is the IOTA course in the descent.

Today, Wednesday, the 08.08.18. was taken according to a leaked document to the Public, which traces a dispute among the five founders of the IOTA Foundation in the internal Slack Channel. In the course of this dispute, Sergey Ivancheglo against the Chairman of the IOTA Foundation, Dominik Schiener is aimed primarily, asking them not to resign. It seems to have divided the members of the Board of Directors completely.

Opinion of the founders

A short time later, the five founders, responded with an official statement, the sovereignty of interpretation on the matter back. The background to the dispute was an extension of the Board of Directors of the IOTA Foundatioin. Only three of the original founders had been since the registration of the Foundation, member of the Board: Dominik Schiener, David Sønstebø, and Ralf Rottmann. The other two, Serguei Popov and Sergey Ivancheglo, from “reasons of timing and simplicity”.

This initial decision you have to in March 2018, at the instigation of David Sønstebø correct. To this day, has done in the matter, but nothing more, what are you two waiting founder, is now on the loyalty and to doubt the confidence of the Chairman Dominik Schiener. So the Leak Sergey Ivancheglo is introduced with the words:

“I want you to not share with all of you, that I trust Dominik Schiener, and that it would be for the future IOTAs the Best if he decided to leave the Foundation. I don’t want to take a closer look at the Details, but you can pull some information from the following Chat“

Dominik Schiener denied apparently, the inclusion of Ivancheglo and Popov

A chat history is available from the internal Slack Channel, in which the five founders discuss about 90 minutes dealing with each other. In Essence, it is about the fact that Dominik Schiener refuses to accept Ivancheglo and Popov as members of the Board of Directors. Reason for this is the law of the Board members is, obviously, their right to vote to delegate to other members. Apparently, feared Schiener, both new members could transfer their voting right to David Sønstebø, would have the power of decision.

Therefore, Dominik insists Schiener first of all, to amend the articles of Association of the IOTA Foundation, in order to remove the possibility of the voting delegation. In Germany, the Amendment of the articles of Association of a charitable Foundation is, however, only by a decision of the Supervisory Board. Because of this, however, will meet only in September 2018 at a constituent meeting for the first time together, had also been the recording of the two members until then postponed. With this circumstance, Ivancheglo and Popov were not able to live now.

Ivancheglo: “I urge Dominik publicly to withdraw to”

In the chat history, the fronts hardened, increasingly, to Ivancheglo threatened Schiener, finally, with a public withdrawal requirement, should not begin the recording process within an hour. Schiener shot back that he had accepted the fight in doubt, and if necessary also in Public. The entire project was threatened behind the personal quarrels and mistrust of members of the Board in the Background.

In the joint opinion, the five founders emphasize now, however, the shoulder-to-shoulder. In a Memorandum of Understanding, the three current Board have committed members to work with high pressure to the recording of the two missing members. So the official nominations up to 10.08. on the stage will be gone. You may be curious to see how it goes then.

IOTA course on the descent

While the founders argue, it’s your Coin, not just good. Already yesterday, the IOTA-rate fell to the low for the year, today it went down again neatly. Currently, IOTA is $ 0.65, and the trend is falling.

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