Argentine senate blocks abortion

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In Argentina, the Senate Wednesday night against the legalization of abortion voted. The vote means a hard blow to the pro-abortusbeweging, of which tens of thousands of supporters and opponents even during the sixteen-hour debate and the final vote action carried out for the parliament in Buenos Aires.

The Senate goes against the Argentine Room, which in June called for the legalization of zwangerschapsonderbreking had voted. A new proposal may, at the earliest, in the next parliamentary term of office to be filed.

The ability to legally and free of charge for a pregnancy to be able to break to the fourteenth week, to Argentina for a deep divide.


Even the Argentine pope Francis its advantages in the debate and called abortion a ‘cruelty’ which he equated with nazi practices. The catholic church called on his supporters to make against the bill on the street.

It is not clear whether the catholic lobby were the deciding factors, but it is clear that legal abortion, there does not arrive in Argentina. 38 senators voted Thursday morning against, only 31 were for.


In Argentina, abortion is now only possible when the pregnancy is the result of a rape or when the life of the mother is in danger.

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