Andy Peelman is cheer-leading

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Andy Peelman of not easily frightened, he proved often as the agent Koen in The Buurtpolitie. But in his first, own program, from september to VTMKZOOM, he is really put to the test. In Wakandy meet Andy himself with professional athletes, companies, and viewers who excel in their field. Every challenge that crosses his path, he goes on with a lot of courage and (slightly too) much confidence – because Andy, Wakandy not? So he starts drumming with Sean Dhondt, reading news with Freek Braeckman and boxing against Freddy De Kerpel. But it must also Andy is also an orchestra in a good direction, herding or even swim with a mermaid.

The 40 episodes, full of spectacular challenges and hilarious situations, from september 3 seen daily at VTMKZOOM, in the VTM KIDS-block at VTM, and the VTM KIDS app.

Andy Peelman: “The shooting of Wakandy are perhaps the most fun that I so far have been able to do for television. I was given carte blanche, so in the program you see the real Andy. For the challenges, I was also a lot of talented people to meet and I made the craziest things with it. No challenge was too much and I have me 200% wasp. Although I sometimes thought: ‘what the fuck am I again doing?’ (laughs)”.

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