Almost 40 dead in air raid on bus with children in Yemen

617dadedab04822fcaee8abf4e71b873 - Almost 40 dead in air raid on bus with children in Yemen

In a raid on a bus with children in Yemen, according to the ministry of Health of the Houthi rebels to at least 39 deaths. It would be especially to children, said a spokesman of Houthi-ministry.

According to local residents transported the bus children to a summer school. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has in the meantime via Twitter to let you know that for sure 29 children of under 15 years to life.

The ICRC clarified the nature of the attack is not. ‘According to international humanitarian law, should the citizens during conflict are protected, ” she said.

The ministry of the shiite Houthi rebels, who control where the attack happened, keep the Saudi Arabia-led military coalition responsible for the attack. That coalition has control over the airspace above Yemen.

According to the coalition, it was a “legitimate military action” against militants the day before, a rocket had been fired at Saudi Arabia. ‘The coalition will take all necessary measures against criminal and terrorist acts of the Iran-linked Houthi militia, such as the recruitment of children and the use of them on the battlefield as instruments and cover for their terrorist acts’, according to the coalitiewoordvoerder, Turki al-Malki.

In poverty-stricken Yemen raging since 2015 a bloody civil war, that more than 10,000 people it has killed and 22 million inhabitants of emergency aid dependent. The government forces can count on air support from the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, while the shiite Houthi rebels to receive support from its arch-enemy Iran.

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