750 campers have with helicopters to be evacuated in the South of France, 70-year-old remains missing

Rescue in the Southern French department of Gard have Thursday, 750 people have to be evacuated with helicopters, after torrential rains three campsites under water. The caravan of a German man of 70 was swept away by the water, he is the only one missing.

The heat wave in Europe a few weeks in his clutches, came Thursday, also in the south of France abruptly at the end. By a heavy storm and accompanying heavy rainfall flooded several rivers, three of the campsites were under water. Rescue services of the prefectures of the Gard and Ardèche troops evacuated it with 267 firefighters and four helicopters 750 campers.

A young man of 28 had been located clinging to a tree, but could a helicopter be picked up. Moreover, there were a lot of roads have to be cordoned off because of the flooding and hard winds.

70-year-old German man remains missing

Only one man is still missing: a 70-year-old German, a group of 126 young people on holiday along the Ardèche accompanied, was at a campsite in Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas (about 60 km north of Avignon) in his caravan swept away by the water.

According to the French police, the caravan later, empty and in pieces’ recovered, but the man was nowhere in sight. The 126 young people – all German children between 6 and 17 years of age – were evacuated, seven of them are in the hospital with minor injuries.

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