Venezuela wants to arrest opposition leader after explosion drone

CARACAS – The Venezuelan supreme court, the arrest ordered of opposition leader Julio Borges. The former president is suspected to be behind the droneaanval on president Nicolás Maduro. According to the communist government Saturday tried the head of state by the air supplied explosives to bring life.

Nicolas Maduro scares during his speech, an explosion in the air.

Maduro stated Borges, who, according to him, in Colombia, resident, responsible for the assassination attempt. Rather be Maduro, that the oil-rich country into a deep crisis has plunged already with the finger at his right-wing opponents who still roam freely and receive assistance from the U.S. and Colombia.

Tuesday was old-studentleider and politician Juan Picked up the challenge. His colleagues get to meet their parliamentary immunity be lost. The ORDER in Caracas has a total of nineteen defendants in the eye, six are already fixed.

Julio Borges

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