US: Russia was behind gifaanval in England

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WASHINGTON – The United States to hold the Russian government responsible for the assassination of a former double agent and his daughter in England with the nerve gas novitsjok. That has spokeswoman Heather Nauert of Foreign Affairs said. They suggested Moscow new sanctions in the prospect. That will be about two weeks of power.

The bench where the Skripals unconscious were found, it is trimmed with a tent.

Nauert las Wednesday with a declaration stating that the Americans have determined that Russia chemical or biological weapons are used, which is a violation of the international agreements, and deployed against its own citizens.

The most important measure is according to the transmitter NBC an export ban for goods that are in the area of national security sensitive. In the second instance, as the Kremlin policies in respect of chemical weapons doesn’t change, you need to think of afschalen of the diplomatic relations, suspension of the power of Aeroflot in the US to fly or even to the discontinuation of virtually the entire import and export.

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