United States to announce sanctions against Russia after attacks with nerve gas

The United States issued new sanctions against Russia, because that country is responsible for the gifaanval on former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the United Kingdom.

The sanctions come as Russia is, according to the U.S. chemical weapon used, and that is in violation of international law. The penalties will be from August 22 to enter, but it is not yet clear what that exactly will entail. Moscow has any involvement with the attack still denied.


Sergei Skirpal and his daughter were on march 4, found unconscious on a sofa in Salisbury. Research has shown that poisoned with a small amount of the deadly zenuwgif novitsjok. Sergei and Yulia survived the attack, but the British authorities claimed Russia responsible for the attack.

The Skripal affair caused a serious diplomatic crisis between the west and Russia: some Russian diplomats in the U.S. and Europe were shown, in which Russia did the same with western diplomatic personnel.

A British woman and her friend came in July in touch with the remnants of the nerve gas in Amesbury, 10 miles north of Salisbury. The woman died of the consequences of the poisoning, the man recovered after three weeks in the hospital.

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