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Transfer Courtois to Real is final around: clubs announce immediately the transition to

The transfer of Thibaut Courtois from Chelsea to Real Madrid is officially in the bag. The two clubs will immediately transition from the Belgian number one advertise.

The handling of the transfer of Thibaut Courtois to Real Madrid came Wednesday in a final momentum when Chelsea with Kepa Arrizabalaga a replacement for our countryman could bows, a necessary condition for a departure of Courtois from London. Arrizabalaga is coming over from Athletic Bilbao for a record price of no less than eighty million euro (read more). Thursday night connect the (inbound) transfer market in England, the time began to push for Courtois.

Once the transfer of Kepa was completed, nothing was a departure of Courtois to Real Madrid in the way. The Observer had his mind already for quite some time on a move to Madrid. Not only because he is the reigning champion of Europe can play, because his children live there. The best goalkeeper of the world cup had already reached an agreement with Royal for a contract of four seasons.

The transferbedrag of Courtois would be around the 40 million euro. Only half of Kepa, but still a hefty sum for a player who has only one year under contract lag. If Chelsea Courtois had not sold, he was the next summer, to free left.

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