Tinne Oltmans start your own group with ex of Marthe van K3

Tinne Oltmans start your own group with ex of Marthe van K3

Tinne Oltmans occurs soon no longer on the Ghost Rockers, but with its own composite band. And there is no place for her friend Juan Gerlo, but for the ex of Marthe K3…

Tinne Oltmans is experiencing a busy summer. She crawls again into the skin of the Sleeping beauty in the eponymous sprookjesmusical, there are the (last?) performances with Ghost Rockers, but in the meantime, she also has a her own band composed. And soon to join them together for the first time. Exciting!

In Ghost Rockers should Tinne Oltmans everything to do what she loved: dancing, acting and singing, but her participation in Steracteur Sterartiest has taught her what musical direction she wants to go. “I realize now that I am in music is really my egg, too. Now I have also my own band was founded,” says Tinne Oltmans in Day All. And there are some well-known names in that band of Tin!

Tinne Oltmans has for many years been friends with Alexis Guiette, who we know as the boyfriend of Q3’tyou Marthe De Pillecyn at the time of Q3 Search Q3. Meanwhile Marthe together with Viktor Verhulst, but Tinne Oltmans saw in the ex of Marthe the ideal guitarist for her band. Also former Spring-face, Damian Corlazzoli will play guitar in the band of Tinne Oltmans. Dami also occurs as a guitarist for his former Jump-buddy Jelle Cleymans. For whom, however, there is no place in the group Tinnes boyfriend Juan Gerlo. And there Tin be a very clear reason for that.

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