Shaman loves a woman 15 years in cave

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An Indonesian woman who for fifteen years was held captive and sexually abused by the police be freed.

Jago, an 83-year-old shaman, kidnapped the woman in 2003 when she was thirteen years old. The police found the woman, who is now 28, in a gap behind large rocks at the Bajugan-village, in the central province of Sulawesi.

According to the police, Jago girl of fifteen years, sexually abused under the guise of witchcraft. He’d told her that a ghost to the entrance of the cave guarded where she was hidden to avoid that they would leave.


The police chief Muhammad Iqbal Alqudusy said Tuesday that the man the girl had a picture of a boy named Amrin in which she thought that her boyfriend was’.

‘The shaman made her point that the spirit of Amrin his body was entered, ” said Iqbal during a press conference. “It is clear that he lusts satisfied.’

The police could of the missing woman found after the sister of the victim, the neighbors had been warned that she was near. According to the Jakarta Post was the sister married to the son of Jago, known for its traditional healing methods.

Well-Respected Shaman

The medicine man declared the disappearance of the victim by her parents point to make that they to Jakarta was gone to work, wrote the newspaper. He risks a prison sentence of fifteen years.

“Because the perpetrator is a respected man in the village, there is the possibility that there are other victims who out of fear have not yet emerged,” said Magdalena Sitorus, from the National Commission for Violence against Women to the Jakarta Post.

Indonesia is a predominantly muslim country, but ancient beliefs about ghosts and other paranormal activities are seen by some still maintained.

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