Sabine Hagedoren has a sweet

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Not only the beautiful weather of the past weeks was a possible explanation of why woman Sabine Hagedoren on the screen, and in addition radiant, she is also in love with. That we read on Wednesday in The Latest News. Recently, there was the second anniversary of the death of her husband Jurgen, but life goes on, even for Sabine. The Latest News came to know that the woman of the public broadcaster again fell in love, news that Sabine with fun confirms in the newspaper. “Indeed, I have a new love. He is called Sam Pauwels. More have I not to say”, sounds. Sabine Hagedoren has her private always as well as kept private. Occasionally they went and Jurgen once to a premiere, but the number of times it was on one hand to count. According to The Latest News is Pauwels in the media actively as a graphic designer.

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