Sabine Hagedoren has a new friend

aab51dce77991a2b7e93345bfc244ee2 - Sabine Hagedoren has a new friend

Woman Sabine Hagedoren has again a relationship. She lost two years ago her husband after a long illness.

“Indeed, I have a new love,” says the 50-year-old Hagedoren in The Latest News. “He’s called Sam Pauwels. More have I not to say.” Pauwels could also be in the media work, but then behind the scenes.

In July 2016, lost the woman her husband Jurgen. They were twelve years married and had together two children. “The last thing Jurgen said to me, is the most beautiful thing you say to someone can say that you doodgraag see: ‘You should not only continue to do so. I want you happy. You’re much too beautiful to remain alone. Make it something beautiful.’ An hour later, he was no longer there,” said Hagedoren in the One-program ‘That House’.

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