Of 70,000 Indonesians left homeless after the earthquake, death toll rises to 131

e6d5247d1c2157eb82cf65435eeff101 - Of 70,000 Indonesians left homeless after the earthquake, death toll rises to 131

Three days after the earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok is the number of victims rose to 131, and are more than seventy thousand residents homeless. In the meantime, sticking some nice and less nice stories head on.

The earthquake with magnitude to 6.9 on the Richter scale Sunday night claimed certainly 131 human lives, according to the youngest official balance sheet. A spokesman of the national agency for the management of disasters is expected, however, that the death toll will continue to rise’. A week earlier, arrived on the holiday island for 17 others to be in another earthquake.

More than 150,000 people are on the flight and more than seventy thousand residents are left homeless because their homes were damaged or destroyed. They spend the night in emergency shelters, but according to the authorities, there is a lack of food, drinking water, medicines and medical personnel.

Hero of the nation

“The efforts to evacuate are staged, but there are still many problems in the field’, according to a spokesman of the disaster agency. Wednesday brought rescue workers to the body of a woman found beneath the rubble of a mosque.

Workers are now also under more on the search for the aunt of the 18-year-old sprinter Lalu Muhammad Zohri, which was recently the hero of the nation was by a gold medal win at the world championships for min-20-year-olds, and that while he barely money enough to of running shoes to buy. Further, it takes the story of Narto Aryadi also the international media. He did more than 12 hours to itself by means of a piece of debris is free to dig, and his wounded brother-in-law in addition to outside to drag you down.

‘Pay to be saved’

To the British newspapers The Independent and The Guardian to share some tourists a less uplifting story. According to the 33-year-old British Katy Flay asked rescue workers to tourists to make money, before they are on a lifeboat were allowed. ‘Boats run half-empty because of ticket demanded of us. And anyway there were not boats enough for all. People went out with each other on the fist.’

The American Michelle Thompson made similar scenes. “People threw their suitcases on board as I set up my injured husband on the boat tried to get. He was bleeding.’ A certain Simon from London confirms the chaos. “The rescue occurred extremely uncoordinated. Boats went in all directions. It was every man for himself. Finally got we’re on a boat, after to have paid.’

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