Movie Jaws lost might still go on

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Cape Cod – By the movie Jaws, we know, more than forty years after it occurred, maybe soon, who the mutilated woman is that in 1974 in Cape Cod in the dunes was found.

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The American Joe Hill, son of thrillerschrijver Stephen King, sat to his favorite film is Jaws to watch when in the 54th minute, a figurante with a blue bandana on him struck.

Hill was at that time fascinated by old vermissingszaken. One of these is the ’Lady of the dunes’. That case revolved around a woman who is 26 July 1974, badly mutilated, was found at Provincetown, the northern edge of Cape Cod.

The victim was badly mutilated. She is probably deceased by a blow to her head. Also, it is possible tried her to decapitate. Further had her hand chopped off. At the clothing of the naked woman found, was also a blue bandana.

That was exactly around the time that Jaws in the vicinity was recorded by Steven Spielberg.

The composite image of the woman who in 1974 on Cape Cod, came ashore, near the place where Jaws was filmed.

The police has the identity of the woman never able to find out. In 2010, she became for the third time, unearthed after a tip. When it was determined that they are crowns of gold had at that time only in New York. But was the police.

Hill has his theory presented to the agent that the missing ever explored, but he would not respond. Also the FBI do not feel called to the case to reopen.

The ’son of’ is now calling medefiguranten from that time on to share information with who they are on the island were during the recording.

“It is bizarre that a dead man who was never identified, could be hundreds of millions of people in the film to be seen?”.

One of the many reconstructions of the ’lady of the dunes’.

Americans have for decades haunted by the case. The police has already several scenarios were investigated.

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