Most of the Dutch left Lombok

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THE HAGUE – the Dutch people from the earthquake-affected Lombok and Gili islands want to leave, have left or have views on departure.

Surely three hundred people from Lombok and the Gili islands evacuated or left, reports the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

That leaves the Ministry of Foreign Affairs know. “As far as we know, all Dutch people who are of the Gili islands wanted to leave, now evacuated,” says Roel van der Meij from ‘BuZa’. “On Lombok are estimated to a few tens of Dutch. Of those with whom we have contact, we know that, partly through the mediation of the ambassademedewerkers on Lombok, now have tickets for departure, today, tomorrow or at the latest Friday.” Not all Dutch people like, incidentally, to the house: a number of countrymen has also continued to serve want to remain, such as, for example, Dutch people who work there. Sure 300 people from Lombok and the Gili islands already evacuated or left.

Crying in the arms of family

Among them, the girlfriends Julia, and Esmee, who this morning arrived at Schiphol airport and, upon arrival, crying to their family in the arms fell. “We were in a resort in Lombok,” says Esmee Lepping. “And we are super fast to out run when it happened. There was so much panic.” She tells them that they probably save their lives by through the back to the outside to flee, because they adjust the next day saw that there are a lot of brick and roof tiles had come down in the front. “If we are through for to the outside were gone, it was perhaps a different past.”

Girlfriend Julia Janssen agrees: “We really ran for our lives. There was also tsunamigevaar and I really thought: this is going we won’t survive.” She tells them that they are in the open field have to stay overnight because the hotel is not safe enough. “It was really horrible. It was the longest night ever.” Still, they hope the ’good things of the trip to remember’, because the ’fun’ was.

Tourists via TUI

Via travel company TUI, there is currently a group of fourteen travelers in Lombok. “We offer only hotels in the south, while the most affected area in the north is,” says a spokeswoman. “On the basis of the custom travel advice, we recommend also to the south to continue.” All fourteen passengers are in good health and there is good contact with them. However, they have indicated to the house to want. That’s going to happen: “Within a few days they are all back home,” assures the zegsvrouw.

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