More than 130 dead by earthquake Lombok

556c6c77f0ae1241cdb4bc915acb7d17 - More than 130 dead by earthquake Lombok

JAKARTA – The emergency response in Indonesia have more bodies found among the rubble of collapsed buildings after the earthquake in Lombok. The death toll has risen to 131, reports a spokesman of the disaster agency BNPB. According to him, the number of deaths continue to rise.

Rescue workers search with sniffer dogs for survivors.

Because of the severe damage to houses that the quake has caused, 156,000 displaced. About 2500 people after the earthquake with a force at 6.9 with serious injuries in the hospital. Among the dead are two people who are on the western neighboring island of Bali have died.

The hope that even survivors are found fades out, and a humanitarian crisis is imminent. Oxfam warned Tuesday that clean drinking water is scarce due to the dry weather of the past. Affected residents would be in addition to water also clothing, medical supplies and food are needed.

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