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Max Verstappen: “I want 50 or 60 races win races”

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Max Verstappen had so far a rather inconsistent season. The Dutchman was faced with bad luck, but also scored a nice victory at the GP of Austria. Of ambition is missing the Verstappen is already nothing, that is once again clear when he, during the F1 summer break, a mid-term review format.

The F1 season this year has been one with ups and downs for Verstappen. The Dutchman struck at the start of the season involved in some incidents and just before the summer break in Formula 1 had Verstappen during the GP of Hungary by already technical problems.

That is yet another problem caused Verstappen to a scheldtirade on the radio, and also afterwards there were hard words at the address of motorpartner Renault. The frustrations were particularly high in Verstappen.

During a summer break, however, there is also balance-sheets drawn up and conclusions drawn. Verstappen is currently sixth in the championship, behind team-mate Daniel Ricciardo. Not a top season so far, though there was a hit in Austria. Computed on the Red Bull Ring knew Max Verstappen, after all, to prevail.

“The victory in Austria, especially for so many of my fans and that also in a Red Bull F1 car on the Red Bull Ring, that was really special,” says Verstappen back.

Really have much time to celebrate, however, there was not for Verstappen. The Formula 1 was just in a very busy period with three races in three weeks time.

“We were in a triple-header, with three races in three weeks, so I couldn’t really go partying. I was even home to the ‘be careful’, the son of my manager.”

It shows again how motivated Max Verstappen as a driver. And that it is the Dutchman’s not ambition that’s missing is clear.

“I’m not here to only four races to win. I am here to be 50 or 60 to win, so you don’t need any victory extended to celebrate,” concluded Verstappen.

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