Maduro accuses opposition of tarnishing

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CARACAS – Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro holds the opposition responsible for the alleged attempt on his life. “The testimonies point to Julio Borges. We know that he has the cowardice to have something to take part”, said Maduro in a televised address.

The Venezuelan president Maduro made a statement.

Borges is one of Venezuela’s best-known opponents of the government. Last year, he received the sakharov Prize, the award for human rights of the European Parliament.

A hitherto unknown group with the name ’Soldados de Franelas’ (soldiers in flannel) on Twitter the responsibility for the explosions claimed. The group let us know that they consist of “patriotic citizens and soldiers.”

The president spoke Saturday in Caracas, a military parade, when near explosions sounded. On the television footage is to see how people in addition to Maduro on the stage, among whom his wife, startled and look up. The camera then turns to the parade, where, among the hundreds of soldiers panic breaks out.

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