Kabila is no presidential candidate in Congo

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Joseph Kabila, the sitting president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, will not participate in the presidential elections in december that will take place.

The announcement, which spokesman Lambert Mende today during a press conference, puts an end to months of speculation about the presidential ambition of Kabila: he will not participate in the presidential elections in december.

Kabila, who since 2001 president, if, according to the constitution, not this year again as a candidate. But there was in the country a lot of uncertainty about his ambitions. He had already in 2016 should resign, but he set the elections again and again and remained in power.

The former minister of Home Affairs Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary by the presidential majority in Congo’s elected presidential candidate.

At last Wednesday night had the candidates within the elections. Tuesday called on Kabila and the leaders of his coalition, gathered in Front Commun pour le Congo (FCC), together at the knot on his follow through to heels. The announcement had, however, to wait for, and it is finally only a few hours before the deadline that it became clear that Kabila then no candidate in the presidential elections.

Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary

Shadary is currently permanent secretary for Kabila’s party PPRD, and was, until February, and during heavy crackdown suppressed the demonstrations, deputy prime minister and minister of Home Affairs. There have been underway since may of last year, European sanctions against the man, for human rights violations.

Shadary this year is 60 and is the father of eight children. He comes from the eastern province of Maniema.

Government spokesman Lambert Mende also announced that Shadary later in the day, paper will be submitted to the election commission. At 17.30 hours (Belgian time) expires the deadline for the candidates.

Question now is whether this really is the end of Kabila in the Congo, or that he was still behind the scenes pulling the strings will continue to pull.

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