Kabila does not participate in election Congo

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KINSHASA – The Congolese president Joseph Kabila is not re-elected. The controversial ex-minister of Home Affairs Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary does so on behalf of the ruling coalition at the forthcoming presidential elections, said a government spokesman.

Joseph Kabila on archive view.

Kabila since 2001 has been in power and should according to the constitution, no third time to participate in the elections. That had actually been around in 2016 to be organised, but that didn’t happen. That led to speculation about whether He was planning a constitution to ignore it by attempting any longer to continue.

Ramazani, the intended successor of Kabila, is on the European sanctielijst because of alleged human rights violations. Also, several democratic opposition candidates want in december is a handle to the presidency, among whom Jean-Pierre Bemba. The International criminal Court (ICC) had him convicted of war crimes, but an appeal followed earlier this year, surprising acquittal.

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