John Hinckley: I am completely better

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WASHINGTON – The man who, in 1981 president Ronald Reagan shot down, has submitted a request to all of the terms to be deleted, that is him two years ago had been imposed after his discharge from a psychiatric hospital.

Hinckley shortly after his arrest.

John Hinckley was during a court case in 1982, the innocent were, because he because of a psychosis of unsound mind. He thought the touch impression on actress Jodie Foster.

In 2016, was the psychosis is so under control that he is the clinic where he was staying, was allowed to leave. Under conditions: he may not travel freely, and he must be on a regular basis on consultation with a psychiatrist.

Hinckley claims that he is mentally completely in order and can normally work in the society. At the end of this year a study to see if it really is.

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