Is Kabila will soon be really gone?

6ec2e56ca465e30cbf4da1ae1aa08235 - Is Kabila will soon be really gone?

The Congolese ruling party PPRD slide Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary as a presidential candidate. This will put an end to the age-Kabila. Presumably. ‘Ramazani is certainly loyal to Kabila, but him down as a weak figure is much too short-sighted, ” said Congo analyst Kris Berwouts

Emmanuel Ramazani (57) was minister of the Interior, but is still a relatively unknown name. Surprised his candidacy?

“His name was not on my list. But a while ago …

Emmanuel Ramazani (57) was minister of the Interior, but is still a relatively unknown name. Surprised his candidacy?

“His name was not on my list. But a while ago, said sources from the regime’s me that Joseph Kabila worked to renewal. That seems to be correct, because already there were several older crocodiles ready to Kabila to follow, however, the regime for Emmanuel Ramazani. It points to a renewal within the elite.’

‘Ramazani, the last few years a great deal of space and importance within the ruling party. During the months before the end of Kabila’s second term in december 2016, he was a member of a select group that every day in the présidence on the security situation met. That was a very precarious time, because it was feared that a popular uprising. And Ramazani was one of the politicians that the situation when guiding.’

The regime then performed a brutal repression against demonstrators. Ramazani is, therefore, on the sanctielijst of the European Union. Not exactly good news that he is now a presidential candidate?

‘Ramazani is certainly a man of the hard line. Among others, therefore I think it is much too short-sighted to put him down as a weak figure, or as a figurehead of Joseph Kabila. In his nomination as the presidential candidate, I read a message from Kabila. That was under so much pressure from powerful neighbour Angola and the African economic alliance SADC that he himself was not a candidate. But in his place a man for to slide on the European sanctielijst, put Kabila in the West and the EU put in place.’

As Ramazani no tendency of Kabila, he has the current president in any case, this guarantee is offered? For example, that he not be prosecuted?

“Of course. He would never have agreed to a successor, if he is not certain warranties were provided. He may, for example, have required that his personal safety is guaranteed, that he is indeed immunity from prosecution, that he made his fortune largely in the Congo, sitting may be kept, and that his country should continue to live.’

In any case, there are now, two years later than the Congolese constitution, new presidential elections. On the 23rd of december this year is Joseph Kabila president. The end of an era?

‘So far, we are not yet. There may be still a lot to happen. If, and only if Congo succeeds on december 23, free and fair elections, which are won by Ramazani or by a oppositiekandidaat, and if the Congo then a peaceful transfer of power has while the ex-president Kabila is still alive, then we can speak of a new era for the Congo.

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