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In spite of the bear market, the number of Bitcoin is rising ATM

a01f1c6eb3925efb3637863cdab87e69 - In spite of the bear market, the number of Bitcoin is rising ATM


Although the crypto market is currently in a bear market Phase, and it appears that the Bitcoin would stabilize rates simply increases the number of Bitcoin ATMs to over 3,500. The leader is the United States and North America, followed by Europe and Asia.

King of the crypto currencies, even though it looks the course to a different, still of the Bitcoin. This is also reflected in the amount of Bitcoin ATMs, the number of which are according to Coinatmradar currently 3.508 piece. It was in the year of 2017, a little over 1,000 pieces, there is a growing number of worldwide rapidly to a little over 3,500.

Of the total 3.508 ATMs 99.9 percent in support of Bitcoin, while 1.844, and thus about 54 percent of other crypto offer currencies. Of the Altcoins on the most common Litecoin support of 49.5 per cent, of Ether, with 32 percent, Bitcoin to Cash with 32.2 percent and Dash with 12.1 percent. The average fee is based on the 1.844 machines, where purchased, and the 834, which can be sold, and stands at 8,49%. For the purchase of an average fee of 9.26 percent is for the sale of 6.79 percent.

United States take the lead

A look at the distribution by Countries shows that the United States is located at 2,163 Bitcoin-ATM-locations at the top. Behind Canada is with 613 locations, followed by great Britain, Austria, Russia, Czech Republic, Spain, Australia, Slovakia and Switzerland. From the looks of it, grows with the interests of investors, the number of users who are interested in these machines.

Of 62 percent of the vending machines is offered to the users with a One-way System and 37 per cent, a Two-way System. Among the Top manufacturers, Genesis Coin, General Bytes, and Lamassu.

The more people use these machines, the more it will support the growth of crypto-currencies. In addition, these machines eliminate the need of financial institutions, because investors can directly buy crypto currencies, or sell.

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